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Chicken Little: From Henhouse to Hollywood Paperback Excellent Condition

Chicken Little: From Henhouse to Hollywood Paperback Excellent Condition

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Chicken Little: From Henhouse to Hollywood The official tie-in to the Disney film released in the UK in February 2006. Why did the chicken cross the road? In Chicken Little , the Disney Studio's first completely computer animated film, it may be to escape an alien invasion! Chicken Little wants to move on with his life after he made himself the laughing stock of the town when he shouted The sky is falling! - causing mass chaos. But just as things turn around for Chicken Little, and he becomes the town hero for his winning hit in the championship baseball game, another piece of the sky lands on his head! How can he possibly convince everyone that the sky really is falling? This unique making of the film book, aimed at the adult audience, looks at the plucky approach used to bring this feathery fable from the hen house to Hollywood. Written By Monique Peterson Paperback Excellent Condition - see images (feels & looks nearly new)

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