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German Air Projects 1935 - 1945 Bombers Vol 3 Paperback. VGC

German Air Projects 1935 - 1945 Bombers Vol 3 Paperback. VGC

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German Air Projects 1935 - 1945 Volume 3. Bombers This is the third volume of a complete history of might-have-been German Air Force aircraft projects from World War Two. The speculation about what the German Air Force (Luftwaffe) might have achieved if World War II had continued into 1946 is a fascinating and rapidly growing field of interest. This book continues some of this intriguing speculation with extensive, realistic illustrations of German bombers that were proposed but which never flew, from the mid-thirties until the end of the War. Previous volumes in the "German Secret Air Projects" series include: Volume 1: "Fighters", 83-916327-5-X (Autumn 2003; GBP 9.99); Volume 2: "Fighters", 83-89450-07-0 (Summer 2004; GBP 9.99). This work includes a rarely documented aspect of World War Two aviation history. It features superb colour artwork and black-and-White Series scale plans. Paperback By Marek Rys Very good used condition - see images (please note: white label on front cover).

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