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Philippe Adec Womens Trouser Suit Beige Size 14 GC

Philippe Adec Womens Trouser Suit Beige Size 14 GC

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Philippe Adec Paris Women's Trouser Suit in Beige/very pale olive colour with a yellowy lining. This suit is NOT lined. Size 14 - see measurements Good used condition - see images. Please Note: One of the buttons on the left arm cuff is broken, although there is no spare button the one from the inside of the trousers is exactly the same and could be used to replace it. Also this suit has a few marks on the left-hand side of the lapel and a mark the size of a one penny piece on the back, low down on the right hand side.

This item is being sold under the Retail Gift Aid scheme which enables us to increase the value of donations. Our charity is acting as an agent selling this item on behalf of the Gift Aid Donor.

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