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The Aegean World Edited by Yannis Galanakis VGC

The Aegean World Edited by Yannis Galanakis VGC

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The Aegean World Edited by Yannis Galanakis This is the first companion guide ever to be written on the Ashmolean's outstanding Aegean collections, the best and most comprehensive outside Greece. Comprising 12,000 objects, the Ashmolean holds a remarkable collection of Neolithic and Cycladic antiquities, the best Minoan collection outside Crete, and a comprehensive corpus of Mycenaean antiquities. It is thanks to the indefatigable work of Sir Arthur Evans, and other great Aegean pioneers, such as Sir John Linton Myres and David Hogarth, that the Ashmolean, with its rich archival resources, stands out today as one of the most important museums for the study of Aegean archaeology. The companion guide, written by top scholars in the field, takes a chronological as well as thematic approach to the study of the Aegean collections. The texts, written with the wider audience in mind, introduce readers to the history of the collection and its current display strategy, Sir Arthur Evans and his work in Crete, the world of the early Cyclades, Knossos and Minoan Crete, Mycenaean Greece, and the Aegean seals and scripts that were central in Evans's archaeological research on the island. The companion guide is beautifully designed and richly illustrated throughout. Very good condition - see images

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